k9球墨铸铁管国家标准—— 悦瀚铸管 助力中国城市用水新高度

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k9球墨铸铁管国家标准——悦瀚铸管助力中国城市用水新高度k9是一种壁厚等级标准,9是一种系数。K9为壁厚等级 一般球墨铸铁管为K9 三通类管件为K14 双盘直管一类的话为K12e=k×(0.5+0.001×DN)e是壁厚,DN是公称直径离心铸铁管*小壁厚为6mm,非离心铸铁管和管件壁厚为7mm。e=K(0.5+0.001DN)式中: e —— 标准壁厚,mm; DN —— 公称直径,mm; K —— 壁厚级别系数,取一系列整数:7、8、9、10、11、12...球墨铸铁管的...


k9是一种壁厚等级标准,9是一种系数。K9为壁厚等级 一般球墨铸铁管为K9 三通类管件为K14 双盘直管一类的话为K12


e=K(0.5+0.001DN)式中: e —— 标准壁厚,mm; DN —— 公称直径,mm; K —— 壁厚级别系数,取一系列整数:7、8、9、10、11、12...


National standard of K9 ductile iron pipe——

Yuehan cast pipe helps China's urban water use to a new height

    K9 is a wall thickness grade standard and 9 is a coefficient. K9 is wall thickness grade. Generally, ductile iron pipe is K9, tee pipe is K14, and pipe fitting is K12

E = k × (0.5 + 0.001 × DN) e is wall thickness, DN is nominal diameter centrifugal cast iron pipe * small wall thickness is 6 mm, non centrifugal cast iron pipe and pipe fitting wall thickness is 7mm.

    E = K (0.5 + 0.001dn), where: e - Standard wall thickness, mm; DN - nominal diameter, mm; K - wall thickness grade coefficient, taking a series of integers: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Current situation and Prospect of ductile iron pipe: China's ductile iron pipe industry started in the early 1990s and developed rapidly with the strong support of China Urban Water Supply Association. After nearly 20 years of practical use, its safety and practicability have been generally recognized by the water supply industry. In 2008, the domestic annual output has reached 2.2 million tons, 11 times that of 1990. As China is a country lacking in water resources, there are more than 600 cities short of water and more than 200 cities with serious water shortage. The cause of water supply and water saving is in the ascendant. Ductile iron pipe has a broad development prospect.

K 9ボール墨鋳鉄管国家基準――


K 9は壁の厚さの等級基準であり、9は係数である。K 9は壁厚等級の一般的な球状インク鋳鉄管でK 9三通類の管でK 14双盤直管の類はK 12です。

e=k×(0.5+0.001×DN)eは壁厚であり、DNは公称径遠心鋳鉄管*小壁厚は6 mmで、非遠心鋳鉄管と管材壁厚は7 mmである。

e=K(0.5+0.001 DN)式において:e:標準壁厚、mm;DN:公称径、mm;K:壁厚レベル係数、一連の整数を取る:7、8、9、10、11、12…







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